Year In Review: 2016

2016 is almost over (finally). For many, this has been an especially tough year. A quick internet search of 2016 yields many, many posts (and memes) about how awful this year was. It was tough for my family and me too, but it wasn’t all bad. This is my year in review.

Surprisingly, the year started out pretty well for my little family. We went to Disneyland, watched The Force Awakens a second time, had dinner at the restaurant we went to on our first date, and celebrated a belated Christmas with family we hadn’t gotten to celebrate with yet – and that was just the first week of the year!

Things quickly spiraled downhill as Ben, Nathan, and I all came down with the worst colds we’d ever had. Also, the water in our building was being shut off at least once a week, and we had to do some major home repairs.

Ben & I celebrated 6 years of marriage in March, so that was definitely a highlight of the year. We spent our anniversary at Disneyland, as we have each year. We also made it a point to go out on dates more frequently now that Nathan is older.

April brought a mini-vacation to Disneyland with Ben’s side of the family. Later on in the month we celebrated Ben’s birthday with a day trip to the San Diego Zoo. We hadn’t been to the Zoo in over a year so it was fun to go again. That month we also went to a couple museums at Balboa Park.

In May, my youngest sister graduated college and our extended family traveled from all over the country to celebrate with her. Nathan got to meet my grandmother for the first time, and we got to spend quality time with family we don’t get to see often. It was a perfect beginning to what should have been a wonderful summer…

Not even a week after we returned home from celebrating my sister’s graduation we ended up back in a hotel due to extensive water damage in our home. We spent about a month living in various hotels. It was a difficult summer to say the least, but I did pick up a few tips about how to survive long-term hotel stays.

We finally moved back home the day before Nathan’s 3rd birthday, and were able to continue his birthday tradition of taking him to Disneyland. His birthday party was the next day and was Star Wars themed (no surprise there). As a birthday gift Nathan received a membership to Gymboree where he makes friends, runs around like crazy, and (somewhat) gets his energy out. We both love it.

This year, I made it a point to read more. Since I don’t get much quiet time to sit and read I usually stick to reading my Parents Magazine, but this year I added in several lighthearted books (collections of essays?) by celebrities. Thankfully for me they are quick (yet highly entertaining) reads.

In fall, we purchased Nathan his first Disneyland Annual Pass and spent many happy trips riding it’s a small world, the Carousel, and Dumbo. Fall also brought with it lots of excitement involving Rogue One. We had fun shopping at the Disney Store on Force/Rogue Friday, and later trying to decide which new character we were most excited to see on the big screen. I’ve also added many Funko Pop! characters to my ever-growing collection (many of them though a subscription to Smugglers Bounty). Star Wars has always been a big deal in my little family and it was really fun to share in the anticipation of a new Star Wars film together.

In October, I got to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling to Virginia and Washington DC (with Maryland thrown in too for good measure). The trip marked Nathan’s first time on an airplane and I was sure glad that we had brought both my mom and Ben’s mom along to help with him. It was one of the best trips I’ve ever had and I’m still trying to sort though the thousands of photos that we took in the hopes of blogging about the trip.

Sometime after our trip, but before Thanksgiving, I came down with a cold that I’m still not completely over (because this is 2016 and of course I’m going to have a bad cough for several months – at least the bronchitis part is over). Thankfully though I was able to spend Thanksgiving with family (since I was not contagious). Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so it was really nice to be around family and enjoy all the delicious food.

Rouge One came out and although we had to wait an extra week before we could see it, Ben and I made the pilgrimage to Cinépolis to see it. We loved every moment of it.

Christmas was spent in the mountains this year, playing in the snow at my sister’s house. It was the first year since Nathan was born that we didn’t spend Christmas at Disneyland, but it was a fantastic trade-off since I got to see it snow for the first time, and all of us got to experience our first White Christmas.

Now it is New Year’s Eve, and my niece’s birthday. We had to miss out on her birthday party though because both Ben and Nathan are sick (thanks, 2016). We did however continue our New Years Eve family tradition of enjoying Japanese food. It is my favorite accidental tradition and a good way to usher out the year.

Well, that was my year in review. Hopefully your year turned out okay too. See you all in 2017!

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