Reasons to (re)Watch Parenthood

I love watching movies and tv shows. When I find a movie or show that I really love, I can’t help but want to tell everyone I know about it. Parenthood is one of those shows. It quickly became my favorite show and one that I have recommended to just about everyone. It is that good.

NBC’s Parenthood is a critically acclaimed tv drama that lasted 6 seasons (2010 – 2015). It is a show about family, and the often complex relationships and decisions that come along with it. Personally, I’ve never seen a show portray characters and families in such an authentic way. If you haven’t seen it yet, here are a few reasons why I think you should watch it.

It has an award winning cast.
Parenthood has a large cast of characters. The show centers around four adult siblings and their respective families. There are 15 main cast members, give or take a few. The cast as a whole has won several awards, and the actors individually are all quite accomplished as well. Lauren Graham and Peter Krause have each starred in their own shows, and you’ve probably seen Monica Potter, or Mae Whitman in something before.

The guest stars are fantastic.
It is always fun to see familiar faces pop up on the shows you regularly watch. The cast of Friday Night Lights has several cast members who’ve guest starred throughout Parenthood‘s 6 seasons, some of whom are reoccurring characters. Other guest stars worth noting are: Michael B. JordanBetsy Brandt, and Jason Ritter. In fact, Ray Romano loved the show so much that he asked to be in it.

Parenthood photo

You can identify with the characters and/or story lines.
Since the cast of Parenthood is so large, there are a variety of topics that are explored by the characters throughout the show. This show deals with things such as career changes, serious illness, infertility, addiction, and the challenges of parenting, among others. There is also a wide range of personality traits among the characters. It is almost impossible not to identify with at least one of the characters.

It explores topics not often talked about on tv.
One of the things that makes Parenthood unique is the fact that they deal with autism spectrum disorder head on. Autism is not a subject that is portrayed very often in tv shows, and can be difficult to portray well. Parenthood‘s executive producer, Jason Katims, has a son with Asperger Syndrome and was very passionate about making sure that the show portrayed it in a realistic way.

It gives you great topics for conversations.
I love having hypothetical conversations. When you talk about something hypothetically, it takes the emotional charge way down, and, allows you to explore options that you might not otherwise choose to even entertain. Since Parenthood has a wide variety of story lines there are a lot of great topics for conversations. Sometimes the characters have to make difficult choices with no clear-cut right or wrong option.

There are fun things to look out for.
The Bravermans love wearing plaid. It has been said that each scene has at least one character who is wearing plaid, even though sometimes it can be tricky to spot. Also, this family loves their breakfast foods. In almost every episode someone makes pancakes and/or waffles.


It makes you appreciate your family and friends more.
Every time I re-watch Parenthood, I am so much more thankful for my family and friends. It is really refreshing to watch a show where family is a top priority in the character’s lives. Sure, they often disagree with each other, and sometimes they really dislike each other, but at the end of they day they still love each other and would do anything for their family. Any show that makes you appreciate the people in your life more, is a pretty good show in my book.

Those are the main reasons why I think you should watch (or re-watch) Parenthood. For those of you who’ve seen the show, did I leave anything out?

The complete series is available to purchase wherever tv shows are sold, or, you can stream all 6 seasons on Netflix.

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