The Day Nathan Became A Disneyland AP

Disneyland has always been a big part of my life, I visited throughout my childhood, and worked there during the 50th Anniversary and Year of a Million Dreams. One of my first dates with Ben was at Disneyland on his birthday, and he asked me to be his girlfriend, and his wife, at Disneyland. We honeymooned at Walt Disney World, and took our Babymoon there when we found out that I was pregnant with Nathan. Disney Parks definitely play a big part in our lives.

We took Nathan to Disneyland for the first time when he was just shy of being two-months old (we had waited for his two-month checkup to have his pediatrician give us the green light to take him). The visit went incredibly well and we’ve taken him back countless times; he has since become every bit obsessed with Disneyland as Ben and I are!


Since Nathan turned 3 over the summer he is now old enough to have his own Annual Pass, so Ben and I took him on a special trip to become an AP (Annual Passholder).


After an exciting morning at Gymboree, we headed to Disneyland and picked up Nathan’s Pass. Since it is the off-season there weren’t too many people there so we didn’t have to wait long to get his pass and enter the Park.


Once inside the gates we took family photos in front of the Disneyland Railroad (where I used to work as Conductor).



It was a gorgeous day to be out and to take photos.


I couldn’t resist taking a couple photos of Nathan with the castle in the background (in spite of his refusal to wear his shoes).



We then headed over to Fantasyland and went on Peter Pan’s Flight. Nathan enjoyed the ride but then got spooked at the end. Once we left the attraction Nathan started begging to go on King Arthur’s Carousel. The last time we had taken him on the carousel he freaked out and cried the entire time so I wasn’t too convinced that he would like it, but we decided to let him try it again – after all, it was his idea.

Thankfully, he loved it from beginning to end, and it has become one of his new favorite attractions!



As we were walking around Fantasyland, Nathan spotted Dumbo so we took him over and snapped a few photos.



Afterward, we strolled around the Park enjoying the fall decorations, especially the Dia de los Muertos display in Frontierland.


Eventually, we ended up at the Star Trader (no surprise there), where we came across this shirt that I think I need.


We decided to head over to Cars Land in DCA next since Nathan loves all things Cars.



Finally, we wound down our day by swinging by one of the AP Days stations to pick up a couple buttons and a recipe card. We couldn’t resist taking one final photo with Nathan holding the Annual Passholder sign. It was a great way to end his first day as an Annual Passholder.


Nathan was exhausted from the fun day at Disneyland and promptly fell asleep as we left. Since he refused to lean back in his stroller his head rested on the tray in front of him, it was both funny and sad. Luckily, the walk to the car was short so he wasn’t in that position for long.


Overall it was a successful trip and I’m so excited to continue to take Nathan to Disneyland as he grows up!

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