Hello 2017

Hello 2017, you’ve barely just begun and I love you already.

I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2017, not just because 2016 was a meh year, but because I feel like we could all use a fresh start every now and then.

Like many of you, I like to set a list of goals for myself at the start of each year. Many of my goals are quite attainable as I don’t want to end up at the end of year with a list of things I failed at. Last year I ditched the list entirely and decided to attempt to find the beauty in imperfection; and I believe I succeeded at it for the most part. It was quite a challenge for me at first since I am usually quick to reject or give up on things that haven’t reached the level of perfection that I was hoping for (hence why it took me years to finally start a blog).

This year I’m going back to setting goals for myself. These goals are fairly simple and nothing too ambitious (who wants to jump out of an airplane anyway?).

So far my Goals for 2017 are as follows:

  • Continue to spend quality time with those I love:
    Have more adventures as a family.
    Play with my son more.
    Continue to date my husband.
  • KonMari my home because I secretly love organizing.
  • Become more engaging on the few social media platforms that I am on/blog more.
  • See Star Wars: Episode VIII opening night (and, not a week later like I did with the last two films).
  • Finally join The 501st Legion, because Star Wars fans + costumes + charity work =

I hope that in a year from now I can look back on 2017 as a happy, productive year full of personal growth. It at least has to be better than 2016, right?

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