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I’m participating in Star Wars ComLINKS, a Star Wars themed monthly link up. This month’s topic is: Button & Pin Collection.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always loved collecting things. My biggest collection when I was young was Beanie Babies. I still have my Beanie Baby collection stored away at my parent’s house with tag protectors and everything (although I did play with them, which probably cancels out the fact that they have tag protectors. ha!). Once I rediscovered Star Wars I started collecting everything and anything having to with Star Wars, especially anything related to Attack of the Clones. I did not however make much of an effort to collect buttons & pins; that collection actually started while I was working at Disneyland.

I have no idea if Disney still does this, but back when I worked for the Mouse (2005 – 2007) Cast Members were given an exclusive pin and/or button when they worked on a holiday or special event. I loved my job and would often ask to be scheduled to work on holidays. The pins and buttons I was given for working holidays and events were pretty awesome and it didn’t take me long to start collecting pins on my own.

The Tinker Bell pin below is the one that started my collection; however, it was the 50th Anniversary pin that made me want to start intentionally collecting pins & buttons.

The Club 33 pin is one of my favorite pins. I also have a few other Club 33 items tucked away. Perhaps I’ll do a post someday on my visits to Club 33.

These three pins are also some of my favorites. Ironically enough they were made long before Disney acquired Lucasfilm. I’ve always thought that Disney and Lucasfilm went well together so I purchased these pins basically the moment I saw them.

I’ve been a fan of Her Universe since the company debuted and was thrilled when one of my orders included a limited edition holiday pin.

Most of my Star Wars pins are actually from my Smuggler’s Bounty subscription. I’ve had a subscription to Smuggler’s Bounty since it first began and enjoy adding a new pin (plus all the other goodies they send you) to my collection every other month.

I haven’t quite decided how to display these pins yet so for now I keep them all together (along with my Smuggler’s Bounty patches) in my C3PO mug, which I also got in one of the boxes.

When it comes to buttons the vast majority of mine are from Disneyland. I haven’t found too many Star Wars buttons to collect, so my Star Wars button collection is sadly lacking. I did find these buttons years ago (at Hot Topic?) and still have yet to open them.

My favorite button is actually one that I won from Anakin and His Angel. I love Jerrod Maruyama‘s artwork, and I can never get enough Padmé collectibles!

Although technically not a button, I did have some fun with one of my Disneyland nametags. When The Year of a Million Dreams began us Cast Members were instructed to list our hometowns on our nametags. Most of my nametags have my actual hometown listed, but I did get one with Coruscant, CO on it.

Similarly, with the pins I was able to collect some buttons while working holidays and special events.

Disney got really into giving buttons to guests to mark special occasions in their lives, and I was able to collect many of those as well.

Now that I’m an Annual Passholder, I get to collect exclusive AP buttons. I don’t always collect the AP buttons, but if I happen to be at the Park during an AP event I’ll usually pick one up.

I think that is most (if not all?) of my pin & button collection. Do you also collect pins & buttons; if so, do you have any of the same ones that I have? I always love seeing other people’s collections, comment with a link to your collection if you have one!

To see other posts featuring pin & button collections make sure to visit Star Wars ComLINKS over at Anakin and His Angel!

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  1. Oh my goodness! You’re collection is huge and you have some I have never seen before which I’m assuming are quite rare. I love the one of Anakin/Vader and the adorable Boba Fett pin from Her Universe. The “Just Married” button is so precious too.

    You did a lovely job of showcasing your collection! And what a good idea using the mug for storage. Brilliant!

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