Be Kind

I’m back this week with more Words to Live By (you can view my previous post here).

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on things people struggle with. What seems simple to one person may be incredibly difficult for someone else, and, vice versa. That certainly doesn’t mean that one person’s struggles are somehow more valid than the other person’s, they are just different.

Be kind

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle.”

I think it is also important to remember that not everyone’s struggles are obvious to the casual onlooker. I read a news article last year about a woman and her daughter who were left a note on their car shaming them for parking in a handicapped spot. What the person who wrote the (incredibly insensitive) note did not know was that the daughter was born with a rare genetic disorder and was given a valid handicap placard out of necessity. Just because you don’t know what someone is going though does not give you the right to shame them. Instead, we should treat others the way that we want to be treated: with kindness and respect.

Another news article I read was about a woman who had just lost her husband. After a long night she stopped by a drive-thru coffee place to recharge. When the baristas saw the she was clearly having a difficult time with something, they stopped everything and asked if they could pray with her. The person waiting in the car behind the woman saw that they were praying and patiently waited extra long so that the baristas could show the woman extra love and kindness. In fact, the other woman waiting in line was so touched by what she saw in front of her that she took a photo and posted about it later, where it became national news.


Recently, I purchased the shirt in the photo above from Target; it says Kind is the New Pretty. When I wore the shirt to The Disneyland Resort, I had a woman approach me to tell me that she loved the message on my shirt, and that the world needs more kindness in it. I couldn’t agree more.

It doesn’t take much to show kindness to others, and I for one, intend to show kindness more often.

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