6 Useful Phone Apps

I’m fairly picky about the apps I install on my phone. Most of the apps I have are pretty basic: Gmail, maps, calendar, etc, but there are a few extra apps which I find make a great addition to the basics. The 6 apps below are some of the most useful apps I’ve found, in no particular order.


Plant Nanny is an app that helps remind you to drink water. You enter information about yourself and it tells you how much water you should be drinking throughout the day. Next, you select a plant to grow. Every time you drink a glass of water you also water your plant. Each plant has 4 levels and often takes several days, if not a week, to grow the plant to maturity.

Once your plant is grown you can move it to the garden where it will produce a set number of seeds for you to harvest each day. With the seeds, you can buy other plants or Water of Life, which can help save your plant if you fail to drink enough water. There are many things that you can customize in the app and it is a great way to remember to keep hydrated.

Plant Nanny

I love lists. I find it relaxing to write things down, then cross them off once I’ve completed them. One thing that I’ve found helpful is to have a digital list that I can access from any of my devices to see which items I need to buy. Our Groceries is the app I use as my shopping list. I can add shopping lists for all the places I need to go and access them easily.

One of my favorite aspects of Our Groceries is the list sharing option. My husband also has the Our Groceries app and we share the same lists. It is really convenient to be able to add something to the list while my husband is out shopping (or vice versa) and have him be able to view the updated list immediately (as long as his phone has reception).

Our Groceries

Since I shop at Target all the time, Cartwheel saves me a ton of money (along with my Red Card, which I highly recommend!). I seriously don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to use Cartwheel. You can scan products for offers, and create a personalized barcode with all the offers you want to redeem. The app also tells you how much money you’ve saved. I never shop at Target without using Cartwheel.


Math has never been something I’ve enjoyed. Dealing with numbers and percentages is just unpleasant. Enter, Tip Me. When I go out and want to leave a tip, Tip Me takes the hassle out of the situation. I simply enter my bill amount, the percentage I would like to tip, and whether or not I’m splitting the bill with anyone. Once all the information is entered, Tip Me tells me exactly how much to tip, and what my new total will be. There is also an option to round the tip or the total if that is something you prefer.


Kids Mode is a lifesaver for me when I’m out at a restaurant and my son has reached the end of his patience. It locks him into the app (and out of all my others apps) where he can take photos, draw, listen to music, watch pre-selected shows, and much more. I also have it on my tablet at home, and my husband has it installed on his phone as well. I believe this particular app is for Samsung devices only, but I have seen similar apps for other devices.

Kids Mode

After hearing about Influenster for years, I finally decided to try it for myself; I only wish I had joined sooner. Influenster is a product review app. I’ve always been one to tell others about new products I’ve tried, or tv shows I’ve fallen in love with (hello, Parenthood!), or anything new that I’m excited about. Well, Influenster not only encourages me to tell others about what I’m discovering, they also occasionally send me boxes of products to try! While I will always be upfront and honest about my opinions on products (which they insist upon), it can be a lot of fun to be given a product to try for the purpose of a review. I’m still new to the process, but I love it.


Well, these are 6 of my useful phone apps. Tell me, which apps do you love? I love finding out about new things, so please feel free to share your favorites!

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