5 Things I Love About Being a Mom

With Mother’s Day being this past weekend I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about what I love about being a mom. These are the 5 things I decided that I love the most about being a mom, in no particular order.


Seeing the world though my son’s point of view.
Children seem to find joy in the simplest of things. My son gets so excited about things such as: bubbles, balloons, and anything having to do with Mickey Mouse. Watching him lose his mind (in the best of ways) while he plays with bubbles is a beautiful thing because it reminds me to slow down and appreciate the little things in life.

Getting to be his first hero.
When I was a child I thought my parents were invincible. My dad was surely the strongest man alive and my mom could do no wrong. They were my first superheroes, and, I can see from the way my son looks at my husband and me that we are his superheroes. It is a role that I am happy to fill, and that I take seriously. It has been said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” (I’m looking at you, Spider-Man). I have to admit though, it is really nice to get to be the hero and have someone look at me like I can do anything.

Seeing how similar he is to my husband and I.
When Nathan was born he looked like a miniature version of my husband. I would refer to Nathan as mini-Ben and I was so happy to see how similar he was to Ben. As he got older, his features started balancing out more and I could see more of myself in him. What was quite unexpected though was that personality-wise Nathan is almost exactly like me. I understand him like no one else can. It is fun to see and quite a bit humbling at the same time.


Getting to play like a kid again.
My husband and I are both kids at heart. We love going to theme parks (usually Disney Parks), and never stopped seeing animated films in the theater. Now that we have Nathan we have a pretty good excuse for seeing Inside Out in the theater, and for getting to take breaks throughout the day to color or build with blocks. It is so much fun getting to play like a kid again and interact with our son though play.

The unconditional love (it goes both ways!).
I adore my son. He is my little love and I would do anything for him. With that said, he is at the stage where he is trying to figure out what the boundaries are and that means I have to keep him in check; but, even when he is being terribly naughty I still adore him. He can misbehave all day long, but it never changes the fierceness with which I love him. He reciprocates the unconditional love, too. Although I have to scold him from time to time, he always comes to me when he needs to be comforted, or when he is so excited about something that he has to share his joy with someone.

Well, these were my 5 things. If you have a child in your life (whether it be your child or a child that you love as your own) what 5 things do you love the most about that relationship?

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